Why Pre-Owned?

Luxury; a term used to differentiate things that are special, above the standard that denote something as normal and beyond those things that are considered necessities. Therefore, when one thinks of luxury, two things definitely come to mind. The first of course is quality, for anything luxurious is bound to deliver on the promise of superior workmanship. The second thing that’s highlighted in one’s mind is evidently the cost factor involved in purchasing something ‘luxurious’.  Any product that claims to be above normal, is bound to cost some generous moolah, right?

Therefore, in case your pocket only allows for ‘normal’, are you supposed to give up dreams of luxury and restrict yourself to necessities for good? How does that seem fair at all?

The concept of Pre- owned luxury in India is fairly new and yet is taking up the fashion world by a storm. The ideology behind pre loved luxury is simple and quite intelligent to say the least. Shoes, apparels, handbags and accessories made by designers like Tory Burch, Louis Vuitton or even Coco Chanel find their way into new homes. The concept thrives especially in the realm of pre-owned designer handbags online. India is shedding its bias on pre owned commodities especially because those who provide portals for the sale of pre owned luxury take care of the condition of these bags/shoes what have you; to the extent of organizing services such as spas for handbags as done by Luxury Station.


In their pursuit to provide you with nothing but the best pre owned designer bags online sellers take great care to ensure authenticity with professionals to validate the same. These bags/shoes/apparels are right on the money due to the excellent condition they arrive in and you are left with a product that is gorgeous, original and boasts of superior quality often at less than half the price. Once you have used the product to your hearts fill, and believe you me that you will be able to own this product for decades without worrying about wear and tear for every stitch promises durability. People often use designer merchandise as family heirlooms for the durable items can undoubtedly be passed on from generation to generation.

One can only hope to experience all the good things in life, and designer merchandise is amongst the top ten contenders on my list. If you feel the same way about luxury, then I urge you to give pre owned merchandise an honest try.


Ladies! It’s the quirky handbags that are trending this season

So all you womenfolk! Pay some serious attention to this blog because it’s about your very favorite handbags. What trending this season is some hilariously quirky handbags and chic clutches. ladies, it’s time to shed off that surface sophistication and bring out that girly side because this season handbag trends are going a little crazy!

Want to check out what exactly I am talking about.

The Foodie handbags

Are you a foodie and the very thought of good food brings a smile to your face then these handbags are your type. What you will witness this season is cherry topped on a blueberry cake, a big giant burger, and peanuts. Yes! These bags are seriously trending this season and very much in!

Item shaped handbags—quirky and crazy!

These are those inanimate handbags that resemble those regular things that we barely notice in our daily lives like some old time television with missing antenna. These handbags are a total wacko this season. The oven-shaped piece, a cherry pie, a school-Tiffin box, this is what these bags are all about. Yes! these handbags will project your crazier side when you will wear them and definitely turn some heads when you will walk on the street.

Human faced bags

Till now we made you aware about food shaped and item shaped handbags and now we are going to tell you something more interesting and that’s the human shaped bags. Ladies, just imagine cute cartoonish faces on your clutch, isn’t it cool! You can order Gucci handbags online in India in this particular category.


Fancy fringes are trending

Ladies, you must be knowing that 1970s fashion is trending all over again and so are those fancy fringes that too in some amusing colors. There are basically two categories of fringes that are trending this season, the first one is more retro and the other one comes with quirky and cool twists. Not just internationally they are equally popular in the Indian market as well. Tory Burch handbags in India are in seriously high demand for this particular category. The fringe bags are available in a variety of colors in the market but we suggest you buy in some bright or metallic color as they look more chic!

We hope this handbag guide helps you to buy a fancy and cool handbag this season! We suggest you to buy from a reliable online portal like Luxury Station to buy some trendy handbag.

For the Love of Designer Handbags

“This weekend, curl up with a new bag.”

The above quote goes on to prove our sheer love and attachment towards bags and purses. Epitome of fine craftsmanship, our bags “can speak louder than words” about our personality, choice and lifestyle. For some people it might just be trivial, but one wrong bag at a party or conference can make you a misfit, and sadly gossip of the function. Bags so far have become a very important accessory – to the extent that they have become irreplaceable and unforgettable piece of the attire. Thanks to this upsurge and so much love, the leather and crafts industry have witnessed a boom. There is a rage of multiple styles of bags available in the market, each classier than other, and can be specifically carried at specific occasions. Here is an overview:-

•    Shoulder Bag – These bags are spacious enough to hold a good volume of things, and can be held with relaxation. They are a rage amongst college goers, and working women who have to carry a good amount of belongings with them.

•    Mini Tote – Mini totes give you the class and grace no other bag can, but fail to provide ample space. It cannot hold more than a mobile and pouch of make-up essentials. Hence it serves as the perfect piece for both informal and formal parties.

•    Pochette – If you carry separate laptop bag to office, or have a fetish for elegantly crafted small purses for formal invitations, or casual hangouts, then these are the bags for you. Small in size, crafted with sheer luxurious cut, these bags are uber convenient to carry, thanks to their light weight and small size.

•    Foldable Bags – These bags are easily available in the market, and are designed specifically for storing humungous amount of goods, thus ideal for grocery shopping etc. They can be folded to the smallest size and put away while not in use.

•    Clutches – They do not require any fancy definitions, and are the perfect bags to carry at parties and weddings. They can’t hold objects more than phone or cash, but are available in ethnic and sober cuts as per requirement. They are the classiest choices of all. They are easily available in leading brands such as Da Milano, Louis Vuitton, Dorothy Perkins or Prada handbags. India harbours various luxury houses such as Luxury Station from where one can buy such exclusive pieces easily.


Luxury and brands go hand in glove, but flexibility is one of the vital factors that should never be ignored. While you buy bags, ensure that you will be able to take good care of them and ensure their longevity. So what are you waiting for? Buy the perfect luxury handbags online and walk in style!

Ensuring Longevity- Taking Care of Designer Handbags

“All you need is love. HANDBAGS!”

I have a strong fetish for bags, and no matter how many I have, I never shy away from buying another great piece. But the troublesome time arrives when their color or fabric starts getting faded or torn. It kills to witness the unbearable sight of the bag for which we paid a fortune. To ensure that the bags remain as new as they were when we bought them, there are a few tips and tricks to follow:-

1.    It is necessary to keep a check on what sort of things are being stored in the bag. It’s ideal not to keep liquids, ink pens without cap, lipsticks or perishable items that might leak or get squished and ruin the interior of the bags. Not only do they soil the inner lining but leave a foul smell that takes days to go. The best way to avoid such mishap is to carry such items in a separate pouch.

2.    After a certain point, bags start to lose their shine and get shredded from corners that take away the charm completely. For this, you may use bag waxes that are easily available at bag or shoe stores. Apart from this, one can ensure their shine by cleaning them with cotton and sanitizer. This trick helps office and college goers to save their heavily used bags. You can buy durable bags such as Fendi handbags online. India houses myriad of luxury brands that match with the posh look you are looking for, and are of exclusive shape and quality.

fendi 2-304x348

3.    Avoid hanging bags on hooks or on the edge of doors as they lose their shape and get damaged from corners.

4.    If the bags get oil stains, try and throw some talcum that will help absorb it without rendering any damage. Similarly for ink or color stains, you can wash it with water or use eraser but with low pressure as to retain its original shade.

5.    Keep the bags in right shape and manner, than just haphazardly throwing them away at the end of the day. It is essential to take care of everything that falls under the tab of love.

These are certain tricks and tips to keep the charm of your bag alive in the simplest manner possible. If you think that the condition of the bag is beyond your repairmen skills, rush to the bag store as they do provide professional services. And with a bang, order you next favourite Zara, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Charles & Keith or Saint Laurent handbags online India.

Shopping for menswear online

Traditionally, men have been associated with an aversion towards shopping malls and begrudgingly accompanying their women to clothing stores. On the other hand, women have always been connected with shopping addictions and their love for sales. This also has to do with the fact that previously there were not as many options in menswear. Recent years, however, have seen a change in this view. Men are now more and more open about their shopping habits and their interest in grooming. Catering to this demand, there has been an enormous growth in men’s fashion and grooming products.

While it’s true that men are not as picky and likely to spend less time at shopping malls, they are not averse to stepping foot into a shopping mall. Men do believe that maintaining a certain appearance also helps them stay competitive at the workplace. Men’s magazines have also played a huge a role in shaping this trend. What has helped them shop more comfortably is the rise in e-commerce and online retail. This particularly helps them pick up grooming accessories at ease without having to worry about the stigma attached to it.

Men tend to dislike the amount of time wasted in browsing through physical stores unlike their female counterparts who enjoy the whole experience of shopping at a mall or supermarket. This is why they are better suited to shop online, where they can browse through different brands at the click of a button and within the comforts of their homes. When it comes to buying gadgets, shopping online is even better because all the facts are present at once with 360 degree viewings available. It’s a known fact that both men and women spend a large amount of time researching electronics online.


It also helps that men are less fussy when it comes to sizes and customisation of clothing and hence less predisposed to exchanging things purchased online. Apart from regular clothing, sports wear and grooming products, they also shop for accessories like watches, belts and wallets. More and more have now become open to accessorizing. Men who are concerned with coming across as classy love shopping for designer wallets and monogrammed belts as status symbols. Today, it is possible to buy designer belts online in India at like Luxury Station that provide a curated range of luxury labels.

Useful tips on buying a perfect arm piece

Bags, shoes and handbags are some accessories that we all love shopping for. When shopping for handbags, one must always look for a piece that is not just polished, but practical as well. Nowadays, with so many style and design options available, one is not obligated to buy boring standard handbags. Neutral colours like black, brown and grey are great, but one can always experiment with this necessary accessory. Here are a few tips that will help you buy a perfect handbag that will not only be stylish, but will also last for years to come:

Durability: durability is one thing you must always check when buying a handbag. No matter how much money you are planning to invest, you must always go for a bag that is worth paying for. To ensure durability, it is important that you choose a quality handbag. You can buy designer handbags online in India that are known for their excellent durability.

Size: size is second thing that you should keep in mind while buying a handbag. Choose a bag depending on the essentials that you will be keeping in it. If you buy a handbag which is too small to accommodate all essentials, it will lose its purpose. Therefore, always buy a piece depending on its usage. Another thing to keep in mind is where you’ll be carrying it, whether to office, a party, or to a market while going for shopping.

Color: it is always advised to choose a color that matches with your wardrobe. A bag that does not match well with the dresses in your wardrobe will not be of much use. You may end up spending more money on buying dresses that go with the bag color. Colors like black, brown and grey are the most preferred choices as these colors go with every outfit. However, if you want to experiment, you can always go for colors that match with your dress. Bright colors like red, pink and orange add life to toned-down looks.

Portability: last thing to consider is portability. A handbag is meant to be carried, so make sure it is comfortable for you to carry. Choose a bag design depending on the way you prefer carrying it, for example, whether you want to carry it on the crook of your arm or shoulder. Do not forget to consider the length of the handle.


Keep these four things in mind and you are sure to make a good investment. You can choose online stores to buy designer bags and that too at best prices. There are shopping stores like Luxury station that have an amazing collection of handbags in all colors, styles and designs. Whether you want to buy a Saint Laurent bag online or a Prada bag, you’ll find all on this premier online platform.

How to Pick Handbags for Evening Occasions

Evening occasions are both formal and personal, wherein your style statement is clearly defined by the accessories you adorn and the way you carry yourself. There are various styles of handbags available in the market, but should be chosen according to the occasion you shall be attending. Evening occasions demand for a smaller bag such as a clutch, envelope bag or miniaudiere. Designer clutch bags are a small purse that is ultra-stylish but do not have much space, leaving room only for essentials such as mobile phone, hanky, or a small sized item. Envelope bag is also strapless like a clutch purse and is ideal to carry small amount of items. Minaudiere is a fancier case for ornaments and is carried mostly on weddings and other traditional functions.

Now the problem arises is how to choose the best of the lot for the occasion. The question lies in the answer itself. The first problem solving statement should be the event itself. Always consider the event that you shall be attending and basis that select a purse that shall not make you look out of the place. If you will carry a jumbo bag to a wedding, trust me you shall be termed as a laughing stock which something you wouldn’t like to hear. You can carry clutch purses to night clubs, parties and weddings – the only difference is of their make and style. Certain clutch purses come with traditional hand work with embellishments that are perfect for weddings but definitely not for a night out. Similarly a miniaudiere is preserved for a formal event but again not for a party or club. For these parties and clubs one may choose sober and classy clutches or selective envelope bags. Next stop is the design of the bag. The design should not be too gaudy for office parties as you need to maintain a formal environment. A simple clutch shall do the charm for the formal events. Whereas for weddings you can choose and buy designer clutches online. Online stores carry the widest selection of luxury evening clutches and purses that are as per the current trend and are fairly priced.

Coach_Designer Bags_28

Thirdly, you need to think about the things that you have to carry at the event. Just because you want to carry the perfect fit for the evening certainly does not mean that you load the essentials on someone else’s shoulder or just leave them behind home and then cursing yourself at the party that why didn’t you get them. Always consider how much stuff you would be required to carry and accordingly pick the right one. Last but not the least, the bag should complement your outfit and should not be a misfit in terms of colour and style.