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Sunday Brunches with Tory Burch

Who doesn’t love brunches! Staying late in bed, starting the day without the hustle bustle and having those breakfast foods while its way past the regular breakfast hour. Bonus, if you’re accompanied by your girls or your sweetie.

Sunday brunches are the perfect excuse to start your day with drinking and justifying that morning dessert we quickly gobble. Whether it’s the small talks and gossiping sessions with the girls or your quality time being spent with your love, no one ever said a no to brunches! Brunches which were at one point of time casual comfort dressing have now gotten fancier. Outfits are more tastefully put together and often coordinated. But the classic combination of whites and tan beat any trend buzzing around. Do not fret, we know you’ve already got a lot to take care off and we’ve got you covered well this weekend with Tory Burch.

Dress and Heels

Whites and tan have always been a very classy and elegant colour combination and they’re my absolute fav colour choices for having an impeccable brunch look. Pair a white cotton or sheer dress with these gorgeous Tory Burch Palermo Sandals in a classy colour combination of beige and white teamed with this Tory Burch Amanda Logo Cross Body tan sling bag, both from the LUXURYSTATION.COM.

White dresstory burch sandles

tory burch amanda logo cross body

The Denim Girl

For those of you who love a punch of colour on their brunch wear, we’ve got this easy breezy look for you as well. Pair this lovely vibrant Tory Burch Deep Placket Polo shirt with a pair of relaxed white denims and accessories them with tan Tory Burch Whipstitched Logo Belt along with the Tory Burch Thora Thong Sandal both from the

tory burch red polo tshirt.pngtory burch footwears

tory burch belt

Get your entire Tory Burch look from the LUXURYSTATION.COM, which guarantees authentic products and free express delivery. What’s more, if you happen to be residing in Delhi NCR you could even have your Tory Burch products at your doorstep in a few hours too.


Top reasons to have a clutch bag in your wardrobe

A good handbag is one such accessory that everyone should have in their wardrobe. These days, one can find a variety of designer bags, in all shapes and sizes in the market. Choosing a one that fits your needs from the range of design options available often becomes an easy job. But there are a number of things that one should keep in mind while buying a hand bag. First and the most important thing to consider is the convenience. It should be easy to carry and spacious enough to fit in all the important items.

In the recent times, clutch bags have become very popular among the youth. Earlier, these small clutch hand bags were not even a preferred choice while buying a hand bag for daily use. People use to think that they are very small to carry all the daily essentials. Moreover, the concept of holding a clutch bag all the time was considered awkward and people use to prefer them only for evening parties and other special occasions. But things have changed now. More and more people are considering clutch hand bags for day time use, for example to carry to the office or an important client meeting.

There are a number of reasons for its popularity. The first is that these small handbags look stylish and classy when compared to the strapped bags. So, if you want to create your own fashion statement among your friends and colleagues, a clutch bag is one that you must have in your wardrobe. Second reason is that they look different from the oversized bag and are less fussy to carry. Unlike shoulder bags they are not hooked to a body part and thus makes one feel more carefree. It has been seen that when one has an over-sized shoulder bag, it leads to shoulder pain when carried for long period of time. This is not the problem with day time clutch bags and they are very comfortable to carry.

So if you also want a style change then buy a clutch handbag today. There are number of designer stores that have an excellent collection of such bags. You also have an option to buy them online from reputed stores. You can do online shopping from international brands which will give you a chance to choose a piece from a range of beautiful designs and colours. Luxury station is one such online store where you’ll find clutch hand bags in a myriad of unique designs and colours. They have an amazing collection of envelope clutch bags with sharp and rectangular corners and graphic prints.


They also have the best collection of designer wallets for women that is difficult to find in the general stores of the market. Explore their collection today and buy a classy and elegant bag of your choice!

Sunglasses that suits your style

Sunglasses are among must have fashion accessories for both men and women. While the primary role of sunglasses is to shield eyes from sunrays and to provide a glare free vision, they also go a long way in adding style to your look.

Now when it comes to buying sunglasses, it’s wise to consider the shape of your face. Sunglasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and knowing your face shape helps you find a functional pair of sunglasses which fits your face best.

Measuring your cheekbone, jaw line, forehead width and face length gives several shapes of faces which can then broadly be classified into oval, square, heart, round, diamond and rectangle. Now once you’ve figured out which category your face shape lies in, here’s how you can pick the best sunglasses for you.

•    Round face: The shape says it all. A person with round face of course has less defined angles and soft features. The ideal sunglasses for such shape are ones which elongate the face and therefore, geometric shaped sunglasses like rectangle, square and sharp cat eyes sunglasses work best.

•    Oval: People with oval shaped faces are the luckiest as every frame looks wonderful on them. One can go for round shaped sunglasses, or sunglasses which cover the face from eyebrows to cheekbones. Choose whatever from a wide range of best designer sunglasses– because everything works for you.

Back Camera

•    Square: A square shaped face has a broad forehead, wide cheekbones and strong jaw line, and the ideal sunglasses for such face are the ones which round out the sharpness of facial features. Go for curvier frames such as aviators, butterfly and cat eyes. Prefer the ones with rimless edges as they soften your features.

•    Oblong: Oblong faces are rectangular shaped and are long and narrow. Oversized sunglasses like large wayfarers with thick frames suit this shape best. In order to sharpen the soft features of face, one should go for deep lenses in vintage style frames and sharp angles.

•    Heart: Heart shaped faces are characterized by wide temples and narrow chins- thereby taking the form of a heart. Ideals sunglasses are once which elongate the face. Go for rimless aviators and butterfly sunglasses if you have a heart shaped face.

•    Diamond: In diamond shaped faces, cheekbones are the widest part of the face. For such wide and high cheekbones, rimless oval frames work best. Avoid sunglasses which widen your cheekbone frame.

Take your pick from Luxury Station and get the best deals on eyewear and sunglasses. If you’re looking for designer handbags online, visit Luxury station today.

Why Buy only Authentic Designer Handbags?

It is not hidden from anyone that women love to shop, whether it is, clothes, jewellery, accessories, shoes or handbags, nothing is really off limits.  Handbags are perhaps the most shopped for, after clothes. One can still go on with just a limited number or even no accessories; however, it is almost impossible for women to not be seen with a handbag. And women usually have a good amount of handbags that are to be used for different times and occasions. There will be the budget ones, which are mostly for regular use, and then there are the more expensive ones that are reserved for special events and functions.

Now, with online shopping, the ease of shopping for handbags sitting at home is a very attractive option. One can easily buy brands like Gucci handbags online in India, nowadays. There are not just the original brands which are providing online shopping, but other e- commerce websites also have designer handbags on sale. However, as with any new venture, online shopping too can be a tricky area to figure out.


It is extremely easy to buy dupes or be led to think, that the bag one is buying is an original, even if it is not. That is why, it is especially important, that one does a thorough check of not only the bag but the site itself and the sellers too. One should not get lured in with low prices and sales to forego a quality check, of the bag.

When one is spending such large amounts to buy something, then one should definitely get their money’s worth. And part of that is, making sure, that when buying online, the bag is authentic and not a cheap knockoff. There are also many sites like Luxury Station and such, which sell certified and authentic designer handbags. One can even buy Prada handbags online from Luxury Station.

A Little about Wallets for Men

When it comes to fashion the target audience is inarguably the women, and most of the areas within fashion too, cater to them only. From the clothes, to shoes, to accessories like bags, scarves and more, one would find abundant amounts of choices for women. However, when it comes to men, there are generally not that big of an area to choose from. Fashion for men, has always been very basic, with neutral colours and standard designs. Men, actually even caring about their wardrobe or fashion choices have been seen as an effeminate thing and not something men do.

But, with the changing times, this mentality is slowly turning around and men are becoming more accepting of being fashion conscious. Also, the online shopping has greatly allowed men to have a broader range of choices. Just as women can buy miu miu bags online from Luxury Station, so can men buy different designer items from such e- commerce websites.


Now, coming to the topic, which is wallets for men, is one of those areas that has subtly grown and evolved with having choices. Many still do not know that there are several different types of wallets that men can use. Unlike women, men have very few accessories, that they actually wear, and a wallet is one of them.

Thus, this was one of the areas, which saw men experimenting with and making use of the options available in the market. There are many designer wallets for men, which are present for purchase. Not only is there variation in style, with wallets like card holders, breast pocket wallets, long wallet and more. But there is also variation in the material of the wallet, with them being made in leather, faux leather, metal, aluminum and platinum for the high end purchasers. Thus, even something as simple as a wallet has a wide selection to choose from nowadays.

Top tips to buy designer handbags online

Love online shopping? Check.

Love handbags? Check.

Thinking about buying a bag online? Check.

Well of all the three statements above stands true, you might as well take a few quick tips which would aid you through the process of buying a bag online. Sure it is convenient, it is hassle free, but still there needs to be a few things that you must be extremely careful about before placing the final order, and here are they:

Go for the trusted sites

You may be lured from time and again by unimaginable discounts from sites that are not recognized, but I would suggest you not to go for them. Only choose a bag from sites that are credible, and have gained the trust of consumers. Also, in case you want to buy designer handbags online in India at Luxury Station, you must only stick to the renowned sites. Check the reviews about the online portal before making the final purchase if you are not sure.

Michael Kors_Designer Bags_23

Check the material

If there is no option for you to zoom in and see the material, you might think twice about it! You need to be accurate about the material as there are many cases wherein the options put on the site are duplicates of the original designer bags and you realize that only when it is delivered to you. So take your time and examine before you hit the “Buy” button.

Check the return policy

Have a thorough understanding of the return policy offered by the shopping site. If they have a defined policy of returning a product which is not up to the desired mark. At times, many sites do not have return policies on all the products so do have a proper look before making a move. My friend once ordered a pre-owned luxury bag from, and she found out the quality was not exactly the way it should have been but she was not able to return it as per the policies.

Some great reasons to invest in designer handbags

Turn around and have a good look. I am sure you will see some or the other person carrying a designer masterpiece from the likes of Louis Vuitton, MK, Dior etc. The number of designer bags spotted at malls, movies, and other public places has increased considerably over the years. While this may be attributed to the rise in income of the people, a growing desire to buy the finest quality products among the people is another reason that cannot be overlooked. Hence, if you ever wondered about the reasons of spending on an extravagant designer bag, here are some compelling reasons to buy (read invest) a designer bag from one of the leading brands:

1.    Unmatched quality
All luxury designer handbags are crafted from the finest materials and will last you a lifetime. Investing in a designer bag is your one solution to all your never-ending bag problems. The high quality of one designer bag can only be matched by another designer bag.


2.    Designer handbags will never go out of fashion
A designer handbag is a designer handbag, simple! It doesn’t matter if the design is new or old. Carrying a designer bag will turn heads only for the right reasons, don’t worry.

3.    One is all you need
A classic designer bag is all you need for all purposes. Invest in a fabulous designer bag in a basic colour such as black, beige, or brown and carry it with panache wherever you go- be it to work, party, or even a casual outing. Instead of splurging on many unbranded and inexpensive bags you may not even use, invest in one good bag that you will certainly use and use for long.

4.    Status symbol
Let’s admit it, with a designer bag comes a sense of confidence. Whether it’s an important client meeting or an office party, your bag cannot fail to make an impression!

So what are you still waiting for? Check the fabulous collection of Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Saint Laurent bags online on and ‘invest’ in the one you liked the most without stepping out of your house. Happy shopping!