Reasons why spending on a luxury bag is worth it

Handbag connoisseurs are often the object of judgemental stares and sheepish smiles by friends and family. It is not rare to see them be the butt of sly jokes after a fresh new purchase. But it is okay. Let us explain you why and you can then use these reasons in your argument. What are we if not professional enablers after all!

You get what you pay for:  This is real. The price quality correlation is high when it comes to buying handbags. Don’t they say luxury is in the detail? Well, trust us when we say truer words have not been spoken. From stitching to quality of material and designing of a great bag, every bit costs. So if you paying a lakh for a handbag, you are not just spending, you are investing.

People have expensive hobbies: There are people who fetish motorcycles or watches or jewellery or wine. For most of these people, that can cost a significant part of discretionary income. Our question is, when even fishing can cost a bomb if pursued with the right amount of enthusiasm, what is wrong with crushing on expensive bags?

Luxury is synonymous with happiness: Buying luxury items can perk up your mood substantially. It is science! Some call it retail therapy and we strongly recommend it. We earn to find happiness. Don’t we?

Fast fashion is not fashion:  Contrary to what some believe, fast fashion like that offered by Forever 21’s of the world is a skewed perception of fashion. To experience Pradas and Louis Vuittons, you usually draw your purse strings looser. And honestly, people who impose their warped opinions on how much a bag should cost have usually no idea of what they are talking about.

Handbags scream of who you are: Those strappy eye candies on your arm are not just bags to carry your belongings; they are reflectors of your personality. A Fendi on your arm says you are successful and you have your act together and that you have a wonderful taste!

With most international brands now in India, thanks to platforms like, shopping for your favourite brands is an easy affair. You can find most luxury handbags online. It is that simple.


With everything available at a convenience of a click, now shop your favorite Prada handbags in India and wait for the perfect piece to arrive at your doorstep.


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