For the love of designer arm candies!

We are currently living in the new fashion era! With the advent of globalization phase, India has evolved enormously, to be honest! Both men and women invest avidly in fashionable items. From bags, wallets to scarves and clothes; things that are right off the ramp have garnered attention and praise in our hearts in no time.

Fashion trends just keep changing every season which has led to massive growth in taste for different styles and trends and innovative designs. Progressively, women are even taking the route to buy all these ‘straight-from-the-ramp’ and bringing them all to their closet; especially bags and wallets! Why is that?

Not everyone can afford such high end fashion that just costs a humongous amount, then why are women picking and resorting? And how are they even doing it?

We delved into such questions and did our research and here’s what we found-

•    Luxury product equals to lifetime guarantee: It is true! When you buy luxury item be it your Fendi or Tory Burch handbags in India, it is a fuller investment as compared to buying anything of inferior quality. The durability is much longer, stays with us for almost an unending time. The paint job is absolutely a win and has unmatched designs as well! These items work like investment pieces in your closet that are timeless and classic.


•    Pre-owned and pre-loved fashion: To be able to own these fashionable and lavish designer items, you don’t have to put yourself in penury. As the technology has advanced, there are newer online mediums and E-commerce that are diving into the concept of buying and selling pre-owned fashion from example-; where you can now easily find your Michael Kors or Prada handbags online in India at an unbelievable slashed price. In this manner, you don’t have to splurge a lot but only will be required to scour through the internet and pick the one you like! That simple! So swing it around your shoulder and strut it just the way you like it.

The prices of such Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton designer arm candies or clothing items sure are exponentially high, but the taste, elegance and charm is unrivalled! If you are a true fashion connoisseur or an urban young girl, then you sure will make this wise choice and be undeterred from this fashion drift!


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