Must have luxury bag charms!

This autumn season add style to your luxury bag with a bag charm. Bag charms look adorable and are also useful as they can be used as a key ring when required, depending on the charm’s hook. And the best part is that it’s inter-changeable and can be hooked onto any purse, SLG or to each other, to double the cuteness.

Famous designers have launched multiple series of beautiful bag charms to give owners a more personalized look to their beloved handbags. You will find plenty of adorable charms in various iconic designs that will definitely look great with whatever you carry. Simply shop from for luxury designer bags from International brands online. These bags got great durability and good quality so that you can use them for years. Make them more exclusive by adding charms of your choice. Here’s a list of some of the top luxury designers charms that will go well with your designer bags:


1. Fendi is one of those easily available designer handbags online in India. Fendi’s Fur buggies charm was introduced in the recent years and has been one of the biggest trends ever since. The buggies comes in different gorgeous designs, like Strangee, a multicolor fur with Swarovski crystal eyes and leather cord, and Lucy Junior, a fox fur charm with leather face and inlaid eyes.

2. Louis Vuitton has created bag charms that can also double as key rings and help you in keeping your keys safe. This brand’s bag charms come in different materials like leather, fox fur and silver/gold metallic pieces that look really quirky with every designer bag.

3. Apart from Hermes scarves, bag charms are also used to decorate Hermes Bags. Hermes introduced Petit H Charms from leather and created bag charms featuring horses, fruits, insects and many more interesting designs. There are also other bag bracelets, which are made of gold hardware that feature small charm iconic logos.

4. Dior’s most famous bag charm is the DIOR letters that can be seen almost everywhere. The brand has also released a Lady Dior bag charm in bold colors like Black and Red. You must add one of these attractive charms to your collection.

5. Chanel’s bag charms include a Coco Chanel in silver hardware holding a pearl and the iconic Chanel jacket. It gives a very classy look when added to the bag.

Get one of these or one charm from each brand to create a stunning collection of your own. From simple charms in different colors to charms made of fox fur and tonal leather cord, you have got it all under these famous brands. Recently, these brands have introduced reformed collection of such designs that you must check out and buy soon!


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