Bags – A Woman’s Best Friend

Women love handbags and are ready to spend a hefty sum on the latest ones. They are the perfect accessories and can be paired with anything.  You could be wearing the best of clothes, but the first item to be noticed is your handbag. Luxury handbags from brands like Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Saint Laurent etc. are an investment in themselves. Just like art collectors, there is a thriving group of handbag collectors around the world. Vintage luxury handbags are also another favourite amongst the masses. There are many types of handbags in the market – totes, cross body, shoulder bags, duffle bags, clutches etc. Some luxury brands allow you to customise your handbags with your initials or something written on it. However, big designers are well aware of the demands in the market and cater to everyone.

Buying a designer handbag is a smart investment, but is also one of the greatest shopping experiences for a woman. Handbags go with every outfit. If you are purchasing a handbag for the winter season, a nude or a dark colour with a long handle/strap to match with your coats and jackets is a good idea. Spring and summer time is more about colour, and if you are shopping to dress for the hot summer months, you could go in for colours like pinks, oranges, blues etc. If you are a workingwoman, a classic bag is a preferable choice, because firstly they are timeless and secondly, they are simple and match your style in office attire. Designer bags are high maintenance; you must make sure it comes with a bag or box to store it in, ensure that it is not weighed down too much with heavy load, keep it stuffed with paper while it is stored in order to preserve it’s shape, most importantly, if you carry liquids in your purse, put it in a separate pouch in case of any leaks. There are a number of Louis Vuitton and Fendi handbags online in India.


Purchasing bags online is a good idea; you get to compare bags and prices. You have a wider variety to choose from in terms of styles and designers. There are some great options like Saint Laurent handbags online in India. Luxury station is one such online platform to buy handbags.


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