Why Pre-Owned?

Luxury; a term used to differentiate things that are special, above the standard that denote something as normal and beyond those things that are considered necessities. Therefore, when one thinks of luxury, two things definitely come to mind. The first of course is quality, for anything luxurious is bound to deliver on the promise of superior workmanship. The second thing that’s highlighted in one’s mind is evidently the cost factor involved in purchasing something ‘luxurious’.  Any product that claims to be above normal, is bound to cost some generous moolah, right?

Therefore, in case your pocket only allows for ‘normal’, are you supposed to give up dreams of luxury and restrict yourself to necessities for good? How does that seem fair at all?

The concept of Pre- owned luxury in India is fairly new and yet is taking up the fashion world by a storm. The ideology behind pre loved luxury is simple and quite intelligent to say the least. Shoes, apparels, handbags and accessories made by designers like Tory Burch, Louis Vuitton or even Coco Chanel find their way into new homes. The concept thrives especially in the realm of pre-owned designer handbags online. India is shedding its bias on pre owned commodities especially because those who provide portals for the sale of pre owned luxury take care of the condition of these bags/shoes what have you; to the extent of organizing services such as spas for handbags as done by Luxury Station.


In their pursuit to provide you with nothing but the best pre owned designer bags online sellers take great care to ensure authenticity with professionals to validate the same. These bags/shoes/apparels are right on the money due to the excellent condition they arrive in and you are left with a product that is gorgeous, original and boasts of superior quality often at less than half the price. Once you have used the product to your hearts fill, and believe you me that you will be able to own this product for decades without worrying about wear and tear for every stitch promises durability. People often use designer merchandise as family heirlooms for the durable items can undoubtedly be passed on from generation to generation.

One can only hope to experience all the good things in life, and designer merchandise is amongst the top ten contenders on my list. If you feel the same way about luxury, then I urge you to give pre owned merchandise an honest try.


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