Ladies! It’s the quirky handbags that are trending this season

So all you womenfolk! Pay some serious attention to this blog because it’s about your very favorite handbags. What trending this season is some hilariously quirky handbags and chic clutches. ladies, it’s time to shed off that surface sophistication and bring out that girly side because this season handbag trends are going a little crazy!

Want to check out what exactly I am talking about.

The Foodie handbags

Are you a foodie and the very thought of good food brings a smile to your face then these handbags are your type. What you will witness this season is cherry topped on a blueberry cake, a big giant burger, and peanuts. Yes! These bags are seriously trending this season and very much in!

Item shaped handbags—quirky and crazy!

These are those inanimate handbags that resemble those regular things that we barely notice in our daily lives like some old time television with missing antenna. These handbags are a total wacko this season. The oven-shaped piece, a cherry pie, a school-Tiffin box, this is what these bags are all about. Yes! these handbags will project your crazier side when you will wear them and definitely turn some heads when you will walk on the street.

Human faced bags

Till now we made you aware about food shaped and item shaped handbags and now we are going to tell you something more interesting and that’s the human shaped bags. Ladies, just imagine cute cartoonish faces on your clutch, isn’t it cool! You can order Gucci handbags online in India in this particular category.


Fancy fringes are trending

Ladies, you must be knowing that 1970s fashion is trending all over again and so are those fancy fringes that too in some amusing colors. There are basically two categories of fringes that are trending this season, the first one is more retro and the other one comes with quirky and cool twists. Not just internationally they are equally popular in the Indian market as well. Tory Burch handbags in India are in seriously high demand for this particular category. The fringe bags are available in a variety of colors in the market but we suggest you buy in some bright or metallic color as they look more chic!

We hope this handbag guide helps you to buy a fancy and cool handbag this season! We suggest you to buy from a reliable online portal like Luxury Station to buy some trendy handbag.


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