For the Love of Designer Handbags

“This weekend, curl up with a new bag.”

The above quote goes on to prove our sheer love and attachment towards bags and purses. Epitome of fine craftsmanship, our bags “can speak louder than words” about our personality, choice and lifestyle. For some people it might just be trivial, but one wrong bag at a party or conference can make you a misfit, and sadly gossip of the function. Bags so far have become a very important accessory – to the extent that they have become irreplaceable and unforgettable piece of the attire. Thanks to this upsurge and so much love, the leather and crafts industry have witnessed a boom. There is a rage of multiple styles of bags available in the market, each classier than other, and can be specifically carried at specific occasions. Here is an overview:-

•    Shoulder Bag – These bags are spacious enough to hold a good volume of things, and can be held with relaxation. They are a rage amongst college goers, and working women who have to carry a good amount of belongings with them.

•    Mini Tote – Mini totes give you the class and grace no other bag can, but fail to provide ample space. It cannot hold more than a mobile and pouch of make-up essentials. Hence it serves as the perfect piece for both informal and formal parties.

•    Pochette – If you carry separate laptop bag to office, or have a fetish for elegantly crafted small purses for formal invitations, or casual hangouts, then these are the bags for you. Small in size, crafted with sheer luxurious cut, these bags are uber convenient to carry, thanks to their light weight and small size.

•    Foldable Bags – These bags are easily available in the market, and are designed specifically for storing humungous amount of goods, thus ideal for grocery shopping etc. They can be folded to the smallest size and put away while not in use.

•    Clutches – They do not require any fancy definitions, and are the perfect bags to carry at parties and weddings. They can’t hold objects more than phone or cash, but are available in ethnic and sober cuts as per requirement. They are the classiest choices of all. They are easily available in leading brands such as Da Milano, Louis Vuitton, Dorothy Perkins or Prada handbags. India harbours various luxury houses such as Luxury Station from where one can buy such exclusive pieces easily.

Luxury and brands go hand in glove, but flexibility is one of the vital factors that should never be ignored. While you buy bags, ensure that you will be able to take good care of them and ensure their longevity. So what are you waiting for? Buy the perfect luxury handbags online and walk in style!


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