Ensuring Longevity- Taking Care of Designer Handbags

“All you need is love. HANDBAGS!”

I have a strong fetish for bags, and no matter how many I have, I never shy away from buying another great piece. But the troublesome time arrives when their color or fabric starts getting faded or torn. It kills to witness the unbearable sight of the bag for which we paid a fortune. To ensure that the bags remain as new as they were when we bought them, there are a few tips and tricks to follow:-

1.    It is necessary to keep a check on what sort of things are being stored in the bag. It’s ideal not to keep liquids, ink pens without cap, lipsticks or perishable items that might leak or get squished and ruin the interior of the bags. Not only do they soil the inner lining but leave a foul smell that takes days to go. The best way to avoid such mishap is to carry such items in a separate pouch.

2.    After a certain point, bags start to lose their shine and get shredded from corners that take away the charm completely. For this, you may use bag waxes that are easily available at bag or shoe stores. Apart from this, one can ensure their shine by cleaning them with cotton and sanitizer. This trick helps office and college goers to save their heavily used bags. You can buy durable bags such as Fendi handbags online. India houses myriad of luxury brands that match with the posh look you are looking for, and are of exclusive shape and quality.

fendi 2-304x348

3.    Avoid hanging bags on hooks or on the edge of doors as they lose their shape and get damaged from corners.

4.    If the bags get oil stains, try and throw some talcum that will help absorb it without rendering any damage. Similarly for ink or color stains, you can wash it with water or use eraser but with low pressure as to retain its original shade.

5.    Keep the bags in right shape and manner, than just haphazardly throwing them away at the end of the day. It is essential to take care of everything that falls under the tab of love.

These are certain tricks and tips to keep the charm of your bag alive in the simplest manner possible. If you think that the condition of the bag is beyond your repairmen skills, rush to the bag store as they do provide professional services. And with a bang, order you next favourite Zara, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Charles & Keith or Saint Laurent handbags online India.


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