Shopping for menswear online

Traditionally, men have been associated with an aversion towards shopping malls and begrudgingly accompanying their women to clothing stores. On the other hand, women have always been connected with shopping addictions and their love for sales. This also has to do with the fact that previously there were not as many options in menswear. Recent years, however, have seen a change in this view. Men are now more and more open about their shopping habits and their interest in grooming. Catering to this demand, there has been an enormous growth in men’s fashion and grooming products.

While it’s true that men are not as picky and likely to spend less time at shopping malls, they are not averse to stepping foot into a shopping mall. Men do believe that maintaining a certain appearance also helps them stay competitive at the workplace. Men’s magazines have also played a huge a role in shaping this trend. What has helped them shop more comfortably is the rise in e-commerce and online retail. This particularly helps them pick up grooming accessories at ease without having to worry about the stigma attached to it.

Men tend to dislike the amount of time wasted in browsing through physical stores unlike their female counterparts who enjoy the whole experience of shopping at a mall or supermarket. This is why they are better suited to shop online, where they can browse through different brands at the click of a button and within the comforts of their homes. When it comes to buying gadgets, shopping online is even better because all the facts are present at once with 360 degree viewings available. It’s a known fact that both men and women spend a large amount of time researching electronics online.


It also helps that men are less fussy when it comes to sizes and customisation of clothing and hence less predisposed to exchanging things purchased online. Apart from regular clothing, sports wear and grooming products, they also shop for accessories like watches, belts and wallets. More and more have now become open to accessorizing. Men who are concerned with coming across as classy love shopping for designer wallets and monogrammed belts as status symbols. Today, it is possible to buy designer belts online in India at like Luxury Station that provide a curated range of luxury labels.


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