How to Pick Handbags for Evening Occasions

Evening occasions are both formal and personal, wherein your style statement is clearly defined by the accessories you adorn and the way you carry yourself. There are various styles of handbags available in the market, but should be chosen according to the occasion you shall be attending. Evening occasions demand for a smaller bag such as a clutch, envelope bag or miniaudiere. Designer clutch bags are a small purse that is ultra-stylish but do not have much space, leaving room only for essentials such as mobile phone, hanky, or a small sized item. Envelope bag is also strapless like a clutch purse and is ideal to carry small amount of items. Minaudiere is a fancier case for ornaments and is carried mostly on weddings and other traditional functions.

Now the problem arises is how to choose the best of the lot for the occasion. The question lies in the answer itself. The first problem solving statement should be the event itself. Always consider the event that you shall be attending and basis that select a purse that shall not make you look out of the place. If you will carry a jumbo bag to a wedding, trust me you shall be termed as a laughing stock which something you wouldn’t like to hear. You can carry clutch purses to night clubs, parties and weddings – the only difference is of their make and style. Certain clutch purses come with traditional hand work with embellishments that are perfect for weddings but definitely not for a night out. Similarly a miniaudiere is preserved for a formal event but again not for a party or club. For these parties and clubs one may choose sober and classy clutches or selective envelope bags. Next stop is the design of the bag. The design should not be too gaudy for office parties as you need to maintain a formal environment. A simple clutch shall do the charm for the formal events. Whereas for weddings you can choose and buy designer clutches online. Online stores carry the widest selection of luxury evening clutches and purses that are as per the current trend and are fairly priced.

Coach_Designer Bags_28

Thirdly, you need to think about the things that you have to carry at the event. Just because you want to carry the perfect fit for the evening certainly does not mean that you load the essentials on someone else’s shoulder or just leave them behind home and then cursing yourself at the party that why didn’t you get them. Always consider how much stuff you would be required to carry and accordingly pick the right one. Last but not the least, the bag should complement your outfit and should not be a misfit in terms of colour and style.


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