Sunglasses that suits your style

Sunglasses are among must have fashion accessories for both men and women. While the primary role of sunglasses is to shield eyes from sunrays and to provide a glare free vision, they also go a long way in adding style to your look.

Now when it comes to buying sunglasses, it’s wise to consider the shape of your face. Sunglasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and knowing your face shape helps you find a functional pair of sunglasses which fits your face best.

Measuring your cheekbone, jaw line, forehead width and face length gives several shapes of faces which can then broadly be classified into oval, square, heart, round, diamond and rectangle. Now once you’ve figured out which category your face shape lies in, here’s how you can pick the best sunglasses for you.

•    Round face: The shape says it all. A person with round face of course has less defined angles and soft features. The ideal sunglasses for such shape are ones which elongate the face and therefore, geometric shaped sunglasses like rectangle, square and sharp cat eyes sunglasses work best.

•    Oval: People with oval shaped faces are the luckiest as every frame looks wonderful on them. One can go for round shaped sunglasses, or sunglasses which cover the face from eyebrows to cheekbones. Choose whatever from a wide range of best designer sunglasses– because everything works for you.

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•    Square: A square shaped face has a broad forehead, wide cheekbones and strong jaw line, and the ideal sunglasses for such face are the ones which round out the sharpness of facial features. Go for curvier frames such as aviators, butterfly and cat eyes. Prefer the ones with rimless edges as they soften your features.

•    Oblong: Oblong faces are rectangular shaped and are long and narrow. Oversized sunglasses like large wayfarers with thick frames suit this shape best. In order to sharpen the soft features of face, one should go for deep lenses in vintage style frames and sharp angles.

•    Heart: Heart shaped faces are characterized by wide temples and narrow chins- thereby taking the form of a heart. Ideals sunglasses are once which elongate the face. Go for rimless aviators and butterfly sunglasses if you have a heart shaped face.

•    Diamond: In diamond shaped faces, cheekbones are the widest part of the face. For such wide and high cheekbones, rimless oval frames work best. Avoid sunglasses which widen your cheekbone frame.

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