Investing in pre-owned luxury bags made easier

While the idea of investing in a brand new designer handbag seems exciting, one can always consider other options. People who wish to buy an authentic designer bag but are hesitant to pay the hefty amount to acquire their dream bag should consider the option of buying pre-owned bags. Pre-owned bags are authentic yet cheaper. If you think pre-owned bags are shabby and tattered, then that is not the case. In fact, pre-owned designer bags that are resold on various websites are actually kept in good conditions.

One can visit websites like Luxury Station wherein one can buy three types of pre-owned bags- never used, mildly used, and fairly used. In case you are still unsure, the following tips will help you with the task:

1. Return policy

Many websites sell both old and new luxury bags and it’s possible that some of them do not allow return of pre-owned bags. Make it a point to go through the return policies of the website before purchasing any pre-owned handbag online.

2. Be aware of the original price

Over the recent years, websites dealing with pre-owned designer bags have become quite popular and you may find the same bag being resold on multiple sites at different prices. The prices will also vary according to the condition of the bag. Apart from comparing the prices of your chosen bag being sold at different places, you should ideally also find out the original price of a brand new bag.

3. Set reasonable expectations

As mentioned above, the price of a pre-owned bag will be according to the wear and tear suffered. While most pre owned luxury bags sold online will be in a good shape, one cannot expect them to look like brand new unless they are unused. If you find that unacceptable, you should look for bags that were pre-owned but were never used.


There are many sites likes Luxury Station from which you can buy designer handbags online in India. Before making any payment, make sure the site is reputed and the bags are authentic- whether new or pre-owned. Happy shopping!


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