3 types of satchels every woman must have!

Whoever said you can’t buy happiness surely never bought bags! Bags are synonymous to happiness and can take you out wondrously from dullness and monotony! As girls, we can never have enough of bags in our closet, and there is an obvious reason for it! We surely can’t carry one bag for different occasions! We want classic clutches for our evening dates, hobos for our day outs and formals satchels for our offices!

Then again, one clutch for all the parties or one satchel for every day at work would be and unfair thing to do! So the subcategories of various categories of bags also come in the picture! If you’re bored of shopping for the same variant of satchel for your office, here are types of satchels to choose from!

•Messenger bags: These bags, true to the name, are shaped like envelopes (huge envelopes) and are available in a variety of colors, textures and designs! Generally, these bags come with long straps which are worn cross-bodily over the shoulders. These bags have enough spaces for storage of multiple items ranging from small notepads for work purpose to make up kits carried to offices.

•Backpacks: These satchels work best for the ladies who do not like handholding their bags. Backpacks come with double straps which can be easily worn over the shoulder on the back- thereby balancing the weight and reducing the pressure. Some of the prada handbags online feature contrasting colors in bags and their straps!


•Trolley bags: Trolley bags come in telescope- handheld style and have two adjustable straps for handholding purpose. The aim of featuring two straps on a trolley bag is to provide a stress free hold on it. Some of these bags come with convertible straps- which can turn them into backpacks in the hours of need!

Shop for prada and Gucci handbags online from Luxury Station and gather delightful satchels for yourself!


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