How to take care of your luxury bags?

Bags are among the most important accessories of women. We need different variants for different occasions and this explains why a woman can never have enough of bags! We have got to change our bag according to our attire, style, mood, personality and purpose. Hobos, for example, are meant for casual outing and cannot be carried in a cocktail party with that elegant gown! Similarly, clutches are meant for dates and parties where we are only required to carry our makeup- and can never be donned during a gym visit.

Now bags are pretty durable and we barely think about taking special care of them. While some of our usual bags may not require a special treatment, some of the bags start showing the wear and tear in the long run and start losing the charm. Here is a list of things you can do with your bags-especially luxury bags- to preserve their quality.
•    Stuff: Some of the purses start losing their shape when kept empty and unused in the closet for a long period. You must remember to stuff these bags with newspapers and tissues, in order to maintain its shape.

•    Sprays: Some of the luxury bags are too sensitive to dust particles. You should use stain repellant sprays on such bags to protect them. If you recently bought miu miu bags online from Luxury Station and wish to preserve their newly brought shine, don’t forget to spray!


•    Dust bags: Sometimes, we keep our bags in the closet only to find them covered in dust after a long while. While this dust can be cleaned with a damp cloth, some of the smaller dust particles continue to stay intact in the pores of the bags. Keep these purses in dust bags so that their luster is maintained.

Tip: Take special care of the pre-owned luxury bags that you’ve recently got through sale, as these bags are more susceptible to damage!


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