Clutching the right clutch!

A girl can never have enough of bags! We need tote bags for our casual day outs, satchels for our offices, hand bags for our gym visits and classic clutches for evening dates! And this is not only because of the different purposes associated with different occasions- our attire also calls for a bag that matches it!

And lately, the online markets have become as crowded as the traditional shops- thanks to the wide variety and shades the bags are available in! The Gucci handbags online in India are making quite a roar for their premium quality and fine texture. Other brands like Prada and Louis Vuitton are not behind.


My personal favorites are clutches- because they limit the number of components, make you look elegant and also keep you away of the awkward dress-bag adjustments! No wonder the thought of shopping for Designer Clutch Bags sets a lot of girls in the right mood. But picking the right piece could be tricky and you should consider lot of things while buying a clutch!

So whether you’re shopping a branded clutch from the online website or a local one from the street store, follow these tips!

• Color: When you’re shopping for a clutch, it’s not always necessary to look for the same color as your attire! Although a classic black clutch is the best choice for an LBD, a being one-piece may look better with a dark brown piece.

• Versatility: If you’re looking for value for money, choose a clutch that can go with different dresses. Black again remains the preferable color, but creams and whites also carry the potential.

• Strappy: Although clutches are meant to be held and not hung, and we have already talked about the hindrance they cause to dresses, choose a clutch which has strap options- it may act like a savior for some occasions!

Clutch the right clutch with these simple tips!


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