Tips to buy the perfect designer handbag

A handbag is as essential an accessory to women as a wallet is to a man. Agreed that many men are crazy for designer wallets, but at the end of the day a men’s wallet comes out only when he’s got to pay, whereas a bag dangles around a woman’s shoulder, becoming a fashion statement as well as a utility. Therefore designer handbags are a rage among fashion enthusiasts.

Like so many other products, designer handbags have found a niche following online, where the women can browse through the perfect product and choose in their own leisure time. Here are a few tips to buy designer handbags online India.


Go for a high quality product

Buying a designer handbag is a significant investment and it is important to use that money on something worth it. You will wear the bag to work, to parties and other events, so there is no point in going for a lesser product.

Leather bags are always better

Once you’ve chosen a well known brand, the choice comes onto which material to go for. Leather is evergreen and even gets better with age. Hundred per cent pure leather is rather expensive but if you really want a leather hand bag you can look for pre-owned luxury bags.

Choose a neutral colour

All that glitters is not gold. You might be wooed by bright colours while shopping for handbags, but neutral colours work best with all dresses and occasions. Grey, black or light brown bags look elegant and fancy, whichever occasion you wear them to.

Buy geometrically structured bags

Handbags are available in all shapes and sizes and sometimes weirdly shaped bags look rather attractive. But simple shaped bags are rugged and are likely to bear the wear and tear better than fancy designs.


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