What does your wallet say about you!

Bags are not merely for women! We have often heard about the women’s obsession with bags and the long hours that they spend in selecting the right piece, but bags are as much accessories for men as they are for women!

Sure the popularity of Marc Jacobs and miu miu bags online is primarily related to the high number of female shoppers but you cannot blame only women for the overall sale of bags on online as well as offline platforms.


And when we talk about wallets- it’s a thing for both. Wallet is as basic as water and food and phone- and we all have it (in different styles though). If you notice and browse through the different varieties of wallets, you’d realize that you can barely categorize them in limited variants. Today, designer wallets for men as well as women are showing skyrocketing sale and it has become more than a necessity.

A wallet says a lot about your personality and here is a list of some of the examples.

•Bi-fold wallet: This is the most basic type of wallet and the probable contents are significant cash and important cards. A person holding a bi-fold wallet would only contain what’s necessary and knows what’s important and what’s not.

•Zipper wallet: This type of wallet consists of a large zip limiting all the contents inside- from big to small. If you own a zipper wallet, chances are that you carry more than just cash. You may have your favorite tickets, memorable passes and much more! You just can’t let go of these small pieces of happiness.

•Tri-fold wallet: It says that you are out of your college and have a “lot” of cards to keep. A tri-fold wallet fits easily into the skinny pockets and it means that you’re a “have it all” and “carry always” type of person.

Whatever the type may be, wallets are fundamental and we’ve got to have it- always!


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