Sunday Brunches with Tory Burch

Who doesn’t love brunches! Staying late in bed, starting the day without the hustle bustle and having those breakfast foods while its way past the regular breakfast hour. Bonus, if you’re accompanied by your girls or your sweetie.

Sunday brunches are the perfect excuse to start your day with drinking and justifying that morning dessert we quickly gobble. Whether it’s the small talks and gossiping sessions with the girls or your quality time being spent with your love, no one ever said a no to brunches! Brunches which were at one point of time casual comfort dressing have now gotten fancier. Outfits are more tastefully put together and often coordinated. But the classic combination of whites and tan beat any trend buzzing around. Do not fret, we know you’ve already got a lot to take care off and we’ve got you covered well this weekend with Tory Burch.

Dress and Heels

Whites and tan have always been a very classy and elegant colour combination and they’re my absolute fav colour choices for having an impeccable brunch look. Pair a white cotton or sheer dress with these gorgeous Tory Burch Palermo Sandals in a classy colour combination of beige and white teamed with this Tory Burch Amanda Logo Cross Body tan sling bag, both from the LUXURYSTATION.COM.

White dresstory burch sandles

tory burch amanda logo cross body

The Denim Girl

For those of you who love a punch of colour on their brunch wear, we’ve got this easy breezy look for you as well. Pair this lovely vibrant Tory Burch Deep Placket Polo shirt with a pair of relaxed white denims and accessories them with tan Tory Burch Whipstitched Logo Belt along with the Tory Burch Thora Thong Sandal both from the

tory burch red polo tshirt.pngtory burch footwears

tory burch belt

Get your entire Tory Burch look from the LUXURYSTATION.COM, which guarantees authentic products and free express delivery. What’s more, if you happen to be residing in Delhi NCR you could even have your Tory Burch products at your doorstep in a few hours too.


68th Republic Day- Celebrating women Empowerment

Every year, the Republic Day is celebrated in India on 26th January. The day marks the sovereignty of the country, as the Constitution of India was adopted on this day in 1950. The signature celebration of the event is the Republic Day Parade, which is held in the capital city, New Delhi. We all celebrate India’s evolution as a powerful country- beating all the odds, India today ranks among the top ten countries of the world (in terms of GDP). I am a woman and I celebrate this day not only for the growth of our nation but also to celebrate the relentless growth and prosperity of women in India. Just like our country, Indian women have faced their own share of struggles and have come out shining, doing us proud even globally. We definitely deserve to treat ourselves!


No two people are the same and likewise, even the preferences differ. But for the shopper that I am, I decided to do my part and share this happiness by offering something great to all the shoppers around. LUXURYSTATION.COM is running a super sale this entire week to let our women celebrate “the long way” we have all come. LUXURYSTATION.COM has a collection of 40+ luxury designer labels including Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Dolce and Gabbana and many more.


Keep viewing our website and our facebook page URL to enjoy the super saver deals. We also share a part of our proceeds to uplift child education in India through contributing to a few NGO’s like Save our children. Wish you all a happy republic day.

Reasons why spending on a luxury bag is worth it

Handbag connoisseurs are often the object of judgemental stares and sheepish smiles by friends and family. It is not rare to see them be the butt of sly jokes after a fresh new purchase. But it is okay. Let us explain you why and you can then use these reasons in your argument. What are we if not professional enablers after all!

You get what you pay for:  This is real. The price quality correlation is high when it comes to buying handbags. Don’t they say luxury is in the detail? Well, trust us when we say truer words have not been spoken. From stitching to quality of material and designing of a great bag, every bit costs. So if you paying a lakh for a handbag, you are not just spending, you are investing.

People have expensive hobbies: There are people who fetish motorcycles or watches or jewellery or wine. For most of these people, that can cost a significant part of discretionary income. Our question is, when even fishing can cost a bomb if pursued with the right amount of enthusiasm, what is wrong with crushing on expensive bags?

Luxury is synonymous with happiness: Buying luxury items can perk up your mood substantially. It is science! Some call it retail therapy and we strongly recommend it. We earn to find happiness. Don’t we?

Fast fashion is not fashion:  Contrary to what some believe, fast fashion like that offered by Forever 21’s of the world is a skewed perception of fashion. To experience Pradas and Louis Vuittons, you usually draw your purse strings looser. And honestly, people who impose their warped opinions on how much a bag should cost have usually no idea of what they are talking about.

Handbags scream of who you are: Those strappy eye candies on your arm are not just bags to carry your belongings; they are reflectors of your personality. A Fendi on your arm says you are successful and you have your act together and that you have a wonderful taste!

With most international brands now in India, thanks to platforms like, shopping for your favourite brands is an easy affair. You can find most luxury handbags online. It is that simple.


With everything available at a convenience of a click, now shop your favorite Prada handbags in India and wait for the perfect piece to arrive at your doorstep.

For the love of designer arm candies!

We are currently living in the new fashion era! With the advent of globalization phase, India has evolved enormously, to be honest! Both men and women invest avidly in fashionable items. From bags, wallets to scarves and clothes; things that are right off the ramp have garnered attention and praise in our hearts in no time.

Fashion trends just keep changing every season which has led to massive growth in taste for different styles and trends and innovative designs. Progressively, women are even taking the route to buy all these ‘straight-from-the-ramp’ and bringing them all to their closet; especially bags and wallets! Why is that?

Not everyone can afford such high end fashion that just costs a humongous amount, then why are women picking and resorting? And how are they even doing it?

We delved into such questions and did our research and here’s what we found-

•    Luxury product equals to lifetime guarantee: It is true! When you buy luxury item be it your Fendi or Tory Burch handbags in India, it is a fuller investment as compared to buying anything of inferior quality. The durability is much longer, stays with us for almost an unending time. The paint job is absolutely a win and has unmatched designs as well! These items work like investment pieces in your closet that are timeless and classic.


•    Pre-owned and pre-loved fashion: To be able to own these fashionable and lavish designer items, you don’t have to put yourself in penury. As the technology has advanced, there are newer online mediums and E-commerce that are diving into the concept of buying and selling pre-owned fashion from example-; where you can now easily find your Michael Kors or Prada handbags online in India at an unbelievable slashed price. In this manner, you don’t have to splurge a lot but only will be required to scour through the internet and pick the one you like! That simple! So swing it around your shoulder and strut it just the way you like it.

The prices of such Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton designer arm candies or clothing items sure are exponentially high, but the taste, elegance and charm is unrivalled! If you are a true fashion connoisseur or an urban young girl, then you sure will make this wise choice and be undeterred from this fashion drift!

Must have luxury bag charms!

This autumn season add style to your luxury bag with a bag charm. Bag charms look adorable and are also useful as they can be used as a key ring when required, depending on the charm’s hook. And the best part is that it’s inter-changeable and can be hooked onto any purse, SLG or to each other, to double the cuteness.

Famous designers have launched multiple series of beautiful bag charms to give owners a more personalized look to their beloved handbags. You will find plenty of adorable charms in various iconic designs that will definitely look great with whatever you carry. Simply shop from for luxury designer bags from International brands online. These bags got great durability and good quality so that you can use them for years. Make them more exclusive by adding charms of your choice. Here’s a list of some of the top luxury designers charms that will go well with your designer bags:


1. Fendi is one of those easily available designer handbags online in India. Fendi’s Fur buggies charm was introduced in the recent years and has been one of the biggest trends ever since. The buggies comes in different gorgeous designs, like Strangee, a multicolor fur with Swarovski crystal eyes and leather cord, and Lucy Junior, a fox fur charm with leather face and inlaid eyes.

2. Louis Vuitton has created bag charms that can also double as key rings and help you in keeping your keys safe. This brand’s bag charms come in different materials like leather, fox fur and silver/gold metallic pieces that look really quirky with every designer bag.

3. Apart from Hermes scarves, bag charms are also used to decorate Hermes Bags. Hermes introduced Petit H Charms from leather and created bag charms featuring horses, fruits, insects and many more interesting designs. There are also other bag bracelets, which are made of gold hardware that feature small charm iconic logos.

4. Dior’s most famous bag charm is the DIOR letters that can be seen almost everywhere. The brand has also released a Lady Dior bag charm in bold colors like Black and Red. You must add one of these attractive charms to your collection.

5. Chanel’s bag charms include a Coco Chanel in silver hardware holding a pearl and the iconic Chanel jacket. It gives a very classy look when added to the bag.

Get one of these or one charm from each brand to create a stunning collection of your own. From simple charms in different colors to charms made of fox fur and tonal leather cord, you have got it all under these famous brands. Recently, these brands have introduced reformed collection of such designs that you must check out and buy soon!

Buy that much needed branded handbag from the right place

We wish, somebody could just tell us exactly what perfect handbags and fashion purses look like. If only I can say that it should be a certain shape, a certain size and a certain colour for it to be ideal. The thing is as many perfect handbags as there are different kinds of women who are using them. So the big dilemma of every woman is how to choose the perfect Handbag for her. There are so many types of handbags to choose from, they all vary in design, colour and size. Even the price is something to consider.

A great solution for this is to forget everything you’ve ever heard about online shopping. There’s a new wave of online retailers that have been selling luxury handbags online there by changing the old concept of shopping and show casing variety of handbags in leather, Swede from Italy, Britain and other countries. They’ve combined designer fashion and accessories, budget-friendly prices, and a thumbs-up approval from tastemakers. If you go through such online shopping sites they’ll let you virtually browse the closets of some of the most stylish women in the country, and buy what you like for a lot less than you’d spend in the stores in a few simple clicks. There is also a policy of returns, but make sure you really want the item you’re purchasing and that you’ve read the measurements and condition of the item closely so you don’t have to be stuck with any surprises.prada_1

Bags of latest trend and new style, not only leather but branded Charles & Keith, MK, or Prada handbags India can be bought online. Shopping is a part of the busy lifestyle that we live today and online shopping is a boon to this world; it is an easier and convenient method of shopping. It opens up for a vast array of products to be at your fingertips. With vast options on online sites offering so many choices of different products as per the wishes of the customer. Offline brands apparels are also available on Online sites like amazon, myntra and offer a number of apparels that you can find in their stores as well as online at affordable prices. Thus, making your e-shopping experience better.

Bags – A Woman’s Best Friend

Women love handbags and are ready to spend a hefty sum on the latest ones. They are the perfect accessories and can be paired with anything.  You could be wearing the best of clothes, but the first item to be noticed is your handbag. Luxury handbags from brands like Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Saint Laurent etc. are an investment in themselves. Just like art collectors, there is a thriving group of handbag collectors around the world. Vintage luxury handbags are also another favourite amongst the masses. There are many types of handbags in the market – totes, cross body, shoulder bags, duffle bags, clutches etc. Some luxury brands allow you to customise your handbags with your initials or something written on it. However, big designers are well aware of the demands in the market and cater to everyone.

Buying a designer handbag is a smart investment, but is also one of the greatest shopping experiences for a woman. Handbags go with every outfit. If you are purchasing a handbag for the winter season, a nude or a dark colour with a long handle/strap to match with your coats and jackets is a good idea. Spring and summer time is more about colour, and if you are shopping to dress for the hot summer months, you could go in for colours like pinks, oranges, blues etc. If you are a workingwoman, a classic bag is a preferable choice, because firstly they are timeless and secondly, they are simple and match your style in office attire. Designer bags are high maintenance; you must make sure it comes with a bag or box to store it in, ensure that it is not weighed down too much with heavy load, keep it stuffed with paper while it is stored in order to preserve it’s shape, most importantly, if you carry liquids in your purse, put it in a separate pouch in case of any leaks. There are a number of Louis Vuitton and Fendi handbags online in India.


Purchasing bags online is a good idea; you get to compare bags and prices. You have a wider variety to choose from in terms of styles and designers. There are some great options like Saint Laurent handbags online in India. Luxury station is one such online platform to buy handbags.